Scrutinizing Life’s Meaning

For me, the truest meaning of life is often found … in fondue. ©The Floral Dil


Author: Kae Bucher

Hi, my name is Kae Bucher. Thanks for stopping by. I was born in the Florida Keys, but grew up in the Bay Area before migrating south for college. I completed my bachelor’s in English at Fresno Pacific University in California, where I minored in Christian ministry. I have also had the privilege of serving as a youth pastor. In addition to teaching special needs students and raising four children, I also studied Special Education as a graduate student at FPU. I have now been writing for over twenty years. Recently, I have written articles for iPatriot, and I am in the process of converting my front room into a greenhouse. I like storing humor and greenery, weeds and poetry, in mental tin cans. You will find my humanitarian dreams and political leanings organized accordingly. Feel free to dig through my buckets…

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